- 09:30 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
All Attendees

Start your day off right, with half an hour dedicated to building your network and win new business. Choose between speed networking, or roundtables and let us take care of introducing you to new contacts with our dedicated networking software:

Speed Networking will place you in a room with 3 random contacts. Designed to replicate some of the spontaneity of making contacts during the coffee breaks, the system even provides prompts to help facilitate conversation if required.

Conversation Starter:  What does the market need to flourish as power demand shifts from offices to homes? Will this be a long-term trend?

 - 10:15 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
All Attendees
Panel Discussion
  • Insight into the status of the industry, available capital and new investors who are entering the market this year
  • What markets are asset owners looking towards in 2021? Is solar and storage still the primary markets, or are other renewables such as wind likely to be part of the mix?
, Principal
Basalt Infrastructure Partners
, Director – Private Clean Energy and Infrastructure
Tortoise Advisors
Alchemy Renewable Energy
, Partner
Emerging Energy & Environment Investment Group LLC
, Co-Founder & President
 - 11:10 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Main Stream
Panel Discussion
  • State of the market in New York as it builds towards 100% renewables
  • Where to win business
  • Connecting to the grid in New York
  • How willing are investors to get involved in projects in New York?
  • Assessing the potential of New York as a growing location for standalone and integrated storage
, Vice President, Energy Storage
Enel X
, Partner
Hodgson Russ
, Partner
38 Degrees North
, Senior Vice President
LS Power
 - 11:45 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
All Attendees
 - 12:50 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Main Stream

After a cost compression of 80% over ten years in solar, this progress has started to stall. in this showcase, 3 presenters will look at technology solutions in Bifacial PV Modules and Inverters that will increase yields and help to beat a plateau in the reduction of CAPEX.

, Head of Utility Business
Solis Inverters
, Industry Segment Manager
, Technical Director
Jinko Solar
 - 12:30 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Panel Discussion
  • Essential market considerations, restrictions, and regulations to know before attempting to deploy projects in the USA
  • Key differences in supply, demand and pricing in the US based on tariffs and differing regulations between states
, Partner
Hodgson Russ
, Chief Development Officer
Susgen Ltd.
, Founder & Director
BNRG Renewables Ltd
, North American Solar Analyst
Bloomberg NEF
 - 13:25 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Panel Discussion
  • With 12GW of solar projects approved so far in 2020, hear a roadmap to development and project regulation in Texas
  • An examination of basis risk when developing in Texas. With prices in the market being settled and traded at the hub, how significant is the risk of negative prices?
  • Understanding alternative routes to market and PPA deals in Texas with significantly different hedging of solar offtake
, Lead, Utility-Scale Solar IE
, Technology & Product Innovation
CPS Energy
, Managing Director
Origis Services
, President
Solar Ranch Development Company
 - 14:10 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
All Attendees
 - 14:55 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Main Stream
Panel Discussion
  • Circumvent utility demand charges in states such as California with peak shaving, and outperform standalone solar systems
  • How a reversal of depressed prices can kick start the storage market and increase the financial incentive for peak shaving
  • How peak shaving creates a business case for storage in residential and corporate settings by readjusting and lowering the sites demand charge
, Senior Director
Nord LB
, Head of Microgrid Advisory Services
, Principal Consultant
, Vice President - Battery Energy Storage Systems
 - 15:35 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Main Stream
, GM
Solis Inverters