Walter Cuculic

SVP - Renewable Energy
Avana Capital
Walter Cuculic3

Walter has been working in the renewable energy industry for the past 15 years and in real estate development for over 25 years. Currently, he works as the Executive Vice President of Renewable Energy at AVANA Companies. AVANA Companies provides a lending platform for project developers and small business owners to secure both short term and loan term debt for their projects and companies.

AVANA provides project debt and working capital loans to both traditional commercial real estate assets as well as specialty industries such as renewable energy. Since joining AVANA, we have provided financing for over $750M of renewable energy projects, including several solar projects for electric coops. Additionally, we have financed the following types of projects:

  • utility / commercial / municipal / community solar projects;
  • residential solar projects;
  • acquisition of projects and distress debt or stranded assets;
  • energy efficiency and energy storage projects; and
  • renewable natural gas and waste to energy projects.
05 Oct
 - 12:45 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Track A
Panel Discussion
  • How to judge what an asset is really worth?
  • Which underperforming assets are worth the risk?
  • Are rising commodity prices and inflation priced into future valuations?
  • How are offtake agreements affected?
  • How has the M&A market been affected by the supply chain issues?
05 Oct
 - 10:30 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Track A
Panel Discussion
  • How is cost of finance changing as other costs (CAPEX, Interest Rates, Equipment) increase?
  • Are hedges still the solution or are financing parties looking for something different like PPAs?
  • Is the current market policy squeezing out the ability to develop small scale projects?
  • When is it worth taking the merchant risk vs a PPA contract?
  • Do alternatives to PPA require storage and what do the cash flows look like?
  • What is the cost opportunity for co-location vs a stand alone storage asset?

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