Walter Cuculic

Executive Vice President – Renewable Energy
AVANA Capital

Walter Cuculic has been working in the renewable energy industry for the past 15 years and in real estate development for 25 years. Currently, Walter is the Executive Vice President of Renewable Energy at AVANA Capital. Since joining AVANA Capital, he has financed over $700M of renewable energy projects.  These projects have ranged from small to midsized utility / commercial / municipal solar to residential solar projects to the acquisition of projects and distress debt.  Moreover, he has led the financing of several renewable natural gas and waste to energy projects.

Walter has also developed an energy storage financing platform at AVANA for both solar + storage projects as well as standalone battery projects.

Prior to AVANA, Walter worked in Business Development and Finance for both SunPower and SolarCity (Tesla). In additional to renewable energy, Walter has a background in energy efficiency and water conservation having been elected to the Board of Directors for the US Green Building Council for 5 years.

Additionally, Walter co-authored and was awarded a $7M Department of Energy grant focused on reducing peak electricity demand through solar, energy efficiency, demand response and battery storage for 200 homes. Walter has an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA and dual degrees from Northern Arizona University in Environmental Engineering and Spanish.

Walter is a husband and father of 4 and enjoys hiking and skiing with his family.

08 Oct
 - 14:30 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Panel Discussion

This session will examine hedging with 2020 hindsight. After the Texan snowstorms in February, what are companies now doing differently to reduce risk. We will assess:

  • What hedges are available?
    • vPPAs
    • Fixed-volume price swap
    • Weather hedges
    • Proxy revenue swaps
  • How do you decide which hedges your project(s) need?