Rubiao Song

Managing Director of Energy Investments
JP Morgan
Rubiao Song - JP Morgan Headshot
07 Nov
 - 14:50 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Stream 2 - The Solar & Storage Financial Landscape Ahead
Panel Discussion
  • Where are the opportunities for lenders in this new IRA era? Will debt finance play a bigger or a smaller role?
  • Will tax equity become a more prominent mechanism of connecting capital with projects in the years ahead?
  • How has banking and interest rate instability impacted solar transaction financing and what do we expect going forward?
  • Are investors allowing project level debt or just back leverage? And with tax equity’s role taking a larger portion of the capital stack change, does this alter the perspectives of investors?
  • How much of a role do we expect transferability, direct pay and PTCs to play in financing the future of solar projects in the US?
  • Are increases in cost of capital, equipment and energy affecting the returns lenders and investors are expecting?
  • What can be done to bring down the cost of capital?

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