Michael Kirschner

Managing Director, USA
Habitat Energy
Mike Kirschner

Mike has 20+ years of asset management experience in the merchant power sector across all ISOs in the US. His most recent experience as VP of Markets and Analytics at Vistra Corp. required the development of advanced commercial systems and processes to optimize Vistra's growing portfolio of physical and virtual storage assets. Prior to Vistra, Mike worked at several merchant generators in various Trading, Asset Management, Finance, and Strategy roles. He holds a MS in electrical engineering from Georgia Tech and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

05 Oct
 - 12:45 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Track B
Panel Discussion
  • What can alternatives offer that lithium ion cant?
  • What are the possibilities for better grid management and co-location with wind projects?
  • Which utilities are looking at long duration, how would the market change with long duration capabilities?
  • Where is fast ramping and inertia more favourable from a long duration asset?
  • Are electrochemical batteries the best options for long duration currently?
  • What needs to happen before long duration is commercially viable?

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