Thi Lee Speaker at Solar & Storage Finance USA

Thi Lee

Director, Risk Management Pine Gate Renewables

I am a curious & analytical person. Starting my career at AIG seems like a fortuitous launch into the 15-year journey from Underwriter to Risk Management.

There is nothing like seeing things from the opposite side. Going from the seller (Carrier) to the buyer side (Risk Management) allowed me to apply technical communication in business contexts. It is satisfying to connecting the dots and helping colleagues solving business challenges using insurance and contracts. Risk transfer is about knowing what to transfer and what to retain, intentionally. Risk management is about deploying tools to allow the company to grow safely and successfully, and if things go wrong, the company can bounce back quickly.

Working in Risk Management at Pine Gate Renewables brings me so much joy. I’m closer to a community of talented and dedicated professionals that aim to support the energy transition. We’re working hard because we (billions of us around the globe) all share the fragile climate. The science supports the expansion of renewable energy as one of the many components that can slow down and reverse the effect of climate change. I want to be part of this community.

Outside of work, I like to read, visit parks, travel around the globe, and parenting two curious kids. Books open doors to knowledge; nature offers beauty beyond the material world; traveling rejuvenates all the senses; and most wonderfully of all, parenting brings joy and meaning (and sometimes, an incredible sense of honesty).

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