How are Debt Offerings Changing?

  • How is cost of finance changing as other costs (CAPEX, Interest Rates, Equipment) increase?
  • Are hedges still the solution or are financing parties looking for something different like PPAs?
  • Is the current market policy squeezing out the ability to develop small scale projects?
  • When is it worth taking the merchant risk vs a PPA contract?
  • Do alternatives to PPA require storage and what do the cash flows look like?
  • What is the cost opportunity for co-location vs a stand alone storage asset?
Brian Warshay
Principal, Energy Storage Engineering
Todd Kice
Managing Director, Originations
Leyline Renewable Capital LLC
Ali Amirali
Senior Vice President
Starwood Energy Group
Walter Cuculic
SVP - Renewable Energy
Avana Capital
Holly Christie
General Counsel
Hecate Energy

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