Yoann Hispa


Yoann Hispa is CEO and co-founder of LandGate. Prior to that, he was Executive Director of Engineering at Ruspetro, and led the engineering and drilling operations for a Private Equity’s mineral acquisitions successfully divested for a 3x. Yoann has 17 years of experience in the energy and carbon industry in various technical and leadership roles. He has been an Instructor of Energy Land Resources at UT-Austin and at the Realtors Land Institute since 2021. Yoann holds an Executive MBA from the University of Colorado, an MS in Petroleum Eng. from the University of Texas at Austin, an MS in Geomechanics from the University of Birmingham (UK), an MSc in Civil Engineering from ESTP (Paris, France), and a BS equivalent in Math/Physics. Yoann is of Hispanic and French origin, he speaks English, Spanish, French, and Czech fluently.

04 Oct
 - 12:40 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Track A
Panel Discussion
  • How have increasing CAPEX, interest rates and inflation affected the market?
  • In a constrained market, have built assets become more attractive to investors than new build?
  • How solid are valuations?
  • Are buyers ready to assess collocated solar and storage projects?
  • How are investors looking at assets vs. portfolios or platforms?

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