William Blake

Managing Director - Infrastructure Investment Team
Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners

William Blake is a Director with over 7 years’ experience in global clean energy and infrastructure investment, project development, financing, M&A and asset management. He joined Quinbrook in 2019 from Denham Capital in London, where he was an Associate responsible for analysis, structuring, execution and management of Denham Capital’s international clean energy investments.

Prior to Denham Capital, William was an Analyst in the Global Energy & Power Investment Banking Group at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York

He holds a Bachelor of Science in both Finance and Accounting from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

08 Nov
 - 17:00 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Keynote Panel

The outlook for solar and storage remains strong for the decade ahead, as an additional 358 GW of solar and 111 GW of battery storage capacity is forecasted to be deployed by 2030. Spurring this clean energy boom will be the billions (if not trillions) in private sector investment attracted to the US clean energy market by the IRA's $369 billon dollar package.

This session takes a magnifying glass to the outlook of capital for solar and storage ahead:

  • What emerging states are investors entering or increasing investment exposure in for solar and storage?
  • What technologies have now been sufficiently de-risked and are ready to be backed at scale?
  • What asset classes do investors have the most appetite for going forward?
  • What are the headwinds ahead to have on the radar heading into 2024?


The session will also showcase polling results taken across the event on the opportunities for solar and storage ahead.

08 Nov
 - 15:45 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Stream 1 - Grids, Interconnection and Permitting
Interactive Roundtable

Represented on the session is billions (USD) of available capital to be deployed to the latest opportunities in solar and storage.

The session will begin with quick-fire presentations from each investor on investment opportunities and partnerships they’re currently seeking.

The audience will then split into smaller roundtable discussion groups where investors and developers can discuss business 1-2-1. Each round table will be hosted by an investor and developers will move around the room.

Tickets only available to developers, asset owners and investors.

If you are interested in sponsoring, please get in touch with our Head of Sales USA, Dan White: dwhite@solarmedia.co.uk.

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