Stephen Crosher

Stephen Crosher

Stephen has a track record in innovation and commercialisation across diverse business sectors, from renewables, innovation and policy to architecture and design. He has been Commercial Director for two wind turbine manufacturing businesses, and is currently CEO of RheEnergise, a company which is disrupting the energy storage market with their innovative High-Density Hydro® pumped storage technology. 

Innovating in a conservative energy market is always a challenge, presenting many obstacles especially on how to take early innovation through to a bankable product. Stephen has learnt how to achieve these goals from both success and failure, but has never given up his tenacious approach to ensuring he makes a difference to the challenges of tackling climate change. 

05 Oct
 - 12:45 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Track B
Panel Discussion
  • What can alternatives offer that lithium ion cant?
  • What are the possibilities for better grid management and co-location with wind projects?
  • Which utilities are looking at long duration, how would the market change with long duration capabilities?
  • Where is fast ramping and inertia more favourable from a long duration asset?
  • Are electrochemical batteries the best options for long duration currently?
  • What needs to happen before long duration is commercially viable?

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