John Franzino

John Franzino

Recently moving into the CEO role at GridSME, John is responsible for ensuring the success of GridSME's people and clients, while still playing an integral role with the GridSecurity division. John’s B.S. in Engineering and M.S. in Cybersecurity Operations and Leadership, coupled with hands-on experience implementing security controls in SCADA environments, allows him to employ pragmatic, risk-based solutions for our clients. John has years of experience implementing NERC compliance programs, providing technical support and advisory services, delivering training, and conducting assessments.

18 Nov
 - 12:10 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • Identify the most common budget oversights that result in unforeseen operational expenses (spoiler alert: its NERC compliance, network operations, and cybersecurity!)
  • Learn what it takes to close these gaps and reduce your projects' financial and operational risk
  • Debate which party is best positioned to assume these responsibilities