Holly Christie

General Counsel
Hecate Energy
Holly Christie

Holly Christie is the General Counsel of Hecate Energy LLC where she advises and manages the legal aspects of the company’s portfolio of domestic and international solar and storage assets. Hecate Energy LLC is a leading renewable energy power plant developer with an active pipeline of over 10 GW or renewable projects under development and 1,162 MW of renewable PPAs executed, including over 248 MWhs of battery storage. In this role, Ms. Christie advises at all levels of the company on the development, financing and management of the asset portfolio. Ms. Christie offers support in the development of the company’s solar and storage group through the negotiation and development of projects for large scale stand-alone and hybrid battery storage projects, and continued support throughout the lifecycle of the project. Prioritizing performance and profitability in her development strategy, she has over eight years of experience in the energy industry and experience with a variety of traditional and non-traditional structural approaches to large scale projects in solar, stand-alone storage and hybrid solar storage concepts. Prior to working with Hecate, Ms. Christie worked as in-house counsel with Invenergy LLC, where she focused her practice on M&A, offtake agreements and commodity trading deals. Ms. Christie began her legal career working with the UNICTR where she assisted in the development of intergovernmental policies.

08 Oct
 - 14:30 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Panel Discussion

This session will examine hedging with 2020 hindsight. After the Texan snowstorms in February, what are companies now doing differently to reduce risk. We will assess:

  • What hedges are available?
    • vPPAs
    • Fixed-volume price swap
    • Weather hedges
    • Proxy revenue swaps
  • How do you decide which hedges your project(s) need?