Gigio Sakota

Director, Energy Markets
Gigio Sakota

Gigio Sakota is Sr. Director of Energy Markets at Avantus, the largest independent solar and solar plus storage power developer in the United States. Gigio is focused on the CAISO and the WECC, especially on the evolving role and demands of the utility scale PV and battery energy storage systems in the western markets.  Prior to 8minute, Gigio was at Southern California Edison (SCE) where he was responsible for optimization of SCE’s wholesale market energy assets, including one of the nation’s largest renewable and storage portfolios. Over the past 15yrs, Gigio has worked in a range of roles, from long term resource planning to trade floor operations and bidding strategy, including stints in regulatory advocacy, portfolio planning, and resource economics.

Gigio holds degrees in physics from Occidental College and mechanical engineering from UCLA.

04 Oct
 - 12:20 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Track B
  • Benefits and drawbacks of a stand alone tax credit
  • How else might storage be supported by government/federal policy?
  • Can storage realistically flatten the duck curve
  • How might an alternative to tax credits look like in order to get the most from storage assets

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