Evan Ture

Chief Revenue Officer
Indie Energy
Evan Ture

Evan Ture is a 10+ year veteran in the energy storage industry in an array of technical and commercial roles ranging from lead systems engineer on 17 MW / 12 MWh of stationary energy storage across multiple projects to board member of an international renewable trade association to global engineering leadership. In his last tenure, Evan held global responsibility leading the design and pricing of energy storage systems for maximum IRR. He also qualified and specified over 50 different battery and power electronics vendors since 2010, giving him first-hand insight into the technology and marketplace both then and now. In that time, he gained additional experience developing control systems, dispatch strategies, and specifications for energy storage systems in both merchant and fixed rate revenue structures. He built technical/financial models of electrical resource interaction, stacked revenue streams for energy storage through complementary use cases, PVS (PV + Storage) optimization, and hybrid solar/wind/diesel/storage systems.

Evan has pioneered energy storage in emerging international global markets including Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, and Poland. Where regulations did not exist or were too ambiguous to finance a project in those markets, Evan drafted regulatory compliance methodologies and operational strategies that were adopted nationwide.

Evan graduated from Cornell University in Materials Science & Engineering, specializing in electronic materials with research in organic solar cells and fuel cells. Before being at Indie Energy, Evan was a power systems engineer at Xtreme Power and a global engineering director at Younicos.