4-5 October 2022
The New Yorker, 481 Eighth Ave., New York, 10001


Erika Bierschbach

Vice President - Energy Market Operations & Resource Planning
Austin Energy
Erika Bierschbach
04 Oct
 - 12:30 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Panel Discussion
  • At what point will imports and markets return to normal deal flows?
  • Will the decision to waive imports buffer rising prices and stave off inflation in project costs?
  • What does this suspended status mean for longer term industry growth?
  • What is likely to become of the department of commerce anti-circumvention investigation?
  • Will this 2 year hiatus give the US market a head start on creating domestic supply chains?
04 Oct
 - 10:00 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Panel Discussion

-Dealing with the results of the Department of Commerce Investigation

-The golden light at the end of the tunnel: What positives and negatives might come out of the halt on solar development?

-What further policy is required to meet net zero targets? How to build domestic supply chains for renewable energy?

-What tax credits, if any, will make it through the senate? How might the direct pay option change the market?

-What will renewable energy policy for 2023 look like post midterm elections?

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