Enrico Ladendorf

Vice President, Technology & Product Operations
Energy Toolbase
Enrico Ladendorf headshot

Enrico leads teams responsible for control system technology, product operations, and hardware partnerships. Enrico was co-founder and managing director of Pason Power. which merged with Energy Toolbase in September of 2019. Enrico has a 20+ year career in software development, 11 of which has been with Pason in product management and R&D engineering. Enrico has a deep knowledge of the energy storage market and has been highly involved in previous energy storage system hardware integrations

07 Oct
 - 11:15 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • How is the PV+ESS performing relative to the initial estimate?
  • Understanding why savings are under or overperforming: rate tariff change, load profile change, ESS algorithm change
  • Understanding the effect of policy changes (rate tariffs, NEM, incentives, grid services) on project savings/revenue
  • Re-optimizing ESS dispatch by modifying the strategy (scheduling override events, FERC 2222 implementation and future grid services programs)