David Maguire

Founder & Director
BNRG Renewables Ltd
David Maguire - square cropped

A scientist by training, David is a founder member of the European trade body, AFASE and Chair of the Irish trade body, ISEA. In 2007, David founded BNRG Renewables a Dublin based solar company that develops, constructs and owns and operates large scale solar projects across the globe. Prior to founding BNRG, he spent over 13 years as a consultant in the private and public sectors, including several years in R&D for the EPA in Ireland. BNRG is focused on key markets with a 1.5GW portfolio in the US, Northern Europe and Australia. As the Company constructs out its projects it is growing the scale of its Independent Power Producer division.”

19 Nov
 - 12:30 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Panel Discussion
  • Essential market considerations, restrictions, and regulations to know before attempting to deploy projects in the USA
  • Key differences in supply, demand and pricing in the US based on tariffs and differing regulations between states