David Mintzer

Head of Microgrid Advisory Services

David Mintzer is the Head of Microgrid Advisory Services.  His primary responsibility is for supporting electric utilities in their decarbonization, decentralization and digitization efforts by designing and developing its future grid modernization offerings.  David has more than 28 years of progressive experience in Engineering, Management, M&A, Business Development, and Project Financing within the highly competitive Energy Storage, PV Solar, Renewable Energy, Optoelectronics and Telecommunications industries.  David’s recent 13 years of focus has been providing energy efficiency solutions to municipalities, investor-owned electric utilities, and energy end-users that cost-effectively integrate Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and increased customer satisfaction.

19 Nov
 - 14:55 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Main Stream
Panel Discussion
  • Circumvent utility demand charges in states such as California with peak shaving, and outperform standalone solar systems
  • How a reversal of depressed prices can kick start the storage market and increase the financial incentive for peak shaving
  • How peak shaving creates a business case for storage in residential and corporate settings by readjusting and lowering the sites demand charge