4-5 October 2022
The New Yorker, 481 Eighth Ave., New York, 10001


Dana Allen Sands

Energy Infrastructure Partners
Dana Allen Sands
04 Oct
 - 09:55 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Panel Discussion

Both inflation and global temperatures rose in the summer of 2022 along with energy prices and protectionism as government relations got terse between the US and China and Europe and Russia. Supply chain issues also rolled into 2022, causing project delays and frustration. 

As of August 2022, the IRA has passed the Senate and the government's ambition for renewables is clear, if watered down from its original manifesto. 

This opening panel will take stock of these macros, delving into: 

  • In an inflationary environment, how are investors and lenders viewing the industry?
  • How are investors and lenders keeping up with evolving technologies?
  • If aspects of projects need to be renegotiated (e.g. supply agreements or PPAs) what impact is this having on the cost of capital and investor appetite?
  • How is the tax equity landscape changing?
  • Which emerging opportunities are investors ready to back in the USA and why?
  • Is it time to move beyond the project-by-project approach to project finance?

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