Claire Kearns-McCoy

Senior Manager, Engineering Services
Clean Energy Associates

Ms. Kearns-McCoy is an Engineering Services Manager and has been with CEA since 2018. At CEA she specializes in field testing services for PV modules. Ms. Kearns-McCoy has extensive experience in conducting field testing and interpreting test results and has participated in projects at CEA that have included electroluminescence imaging and analysis for over 55,000 PV modules.

Prior to joining CEA, Ms. Kearns-McCoy spent three years at SunEdison where she worked in solar module research and development as well as manufacturing management for solar wafers, cells and modules.

Ms. Kearns-McCoy holds a B.S. in Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a focus in mechanical engineering and energy conversion engineering.

04 Oct
 - 13:00 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Track A
  • The importance of having a quality assurance mindset after PV modules leave the factory
  • The risks PV microcracks pose to future warranty and insurance claims
  • Techniques to identify and mitigate sources of microcracks

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