Ari Peskoe

Director of the Electricity Law Initiative
Harvard Law School Environmental and Energy Law Program

Ari Peskoe is Director of the Electricity Law Initiative at the Environmental & Energy Law Program. He has written extensively about electricity regulation. His most recent article, entitled “Is the Utility Transmission Syndicate Forever,” explores the history of federal regulation of transmission service in the United States and connects that history to current challenges in developing high-voltage lines. It is available on The Energy Law Journal’s website.

06 Oct
 - 13:30 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Panel Discussion

A zero-emission electricity sector by 2035 will require huge amounts of new, low carbon, often intermittent power to connect to the grid. 462GW of solar capacity was seeking grid interconnection across the US as of May 2021 and 200 MW of storage at the end of 2020.

This session will delve into these queues, and the broader question of how networks could evolve as new low carbon generation is built.

  • How could America plan networks of the future?
  • With rules set in the days of fossil generation, do we need to adjust them to accommodate net zero with a focus on solar, wind and storage?
  • How can we as an industry work with federal, state, and local policy makers?
  • Where will the investment come from for improvements?
  • Can developers work together to lower costs of connection?
  • Are more DER the answer?