Andrew Foukal

President & CEO
East Point Energy
Version 2

Andrew Foukal is the CEO of East Point Energy, a development firm focused on the origination, construction, and operation of energy storage projects, which he founded in 2018. East Point is a wholly owned subsidiary of Equinor, a broad international energy company committed to long-term value creation in a low-carbon future.

As CEO of East Point, Andrew is responsible for business strategy and execution, as well as building and leading the team. Prior to founding East Point, Andrew helped to build the company HelioSage, rising to SVP of Operations when the company was acquired by Coronal in 2015. When Andrew left to start East Point Energy, Coronal had more than 600 megawatts of PV projects in operation.

07 Nov
 - 17:20 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Stream 2 - The Solar & Storage Financial Landscape Ahead
Panel Discussion
  • How to asses your risk appetite for prospective and current battery storage owner
  • How to incorporate merchant exposure into your asset portfolio
  • Balancing algorithmic automation and market expertise
  • What to look for from software and providers designed to optimize storage assets

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