Adam Gerza

Vice President, Business Development
Energy Toolbase
Adam Gerza headshot

Adam has worked in the solar + storage industry for 11 years, working in numerous project development and policy related roles, having spent most of his cleantech career studying the effect of utility rate designs and net energy metering frameworks on the economics of distributed energy projects. He was previously elected to the board of CALSSA and has been a subject matter expert witness in CPUC regulatory proceedings. Prior to solar, Adam traded energy commodities for a natural gas trading company and a hedge fund..

07 Oct
 - 11:15 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • How is the PV+ESS performing relative to the initial estimate?
  • Understanding why savings are under or overperforming: rate tariff change, load profile change, ESS algorithm change
  • Understanding the effect of policy changes (rate tariffs, NEM, incentives, grid services) on project savings/revenue
  • Re-optimizing ESS dispatch by modifying the strategy (scheduling override events, FERC 2222 implementation and future grid services programs)