4-5 October 2022
The New Yorker, 481 Eighth Ave., New York, 10001

06 October
 - 10:40 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
 - 10:40 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Panel Discussion

Supply Chain: Short-Term Cost Increases on Materials and Long-Term Plans to Meet Demand

With polysilicon prices at a high, huge demand in the US and other countries for new solar modules, we will also discuss the impact of higher materials costs in 2021 and how they have affected project economics. At SNEC 2021, reporters from PV-Tech spoke to many of the major manufacturers who predicted that by the middle of next year – at the latest – supply and pricing will have eased.

We ask the panel do they think this will bear out? We will also look at how the supply chain will scale to meet demand, we will explore investor needs across the asset lifespan, how manufacturers will support continued growth of the industry and how they are partnering across the supply chain to ensure high quality standards are maintained. 

  • Are there examples of contracts not being fulfilled? What impact has this had on project delivery times and procurement plans?
  • If developers need to hit timelines to get the ITC, what impact is this having on project timelines for more mature projects in development?
  • When does the investment, lender and developer community think these constraints will ease, how are they adjusting project models to accommodate price increases?
  • The state of manufacturing today – how much additional module assembly capacity will be required to meet demand in a broader global context and the US market

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