4-5 October 2022
The New Yorker, 481 Eighth Ave., New York, 10001

07 October
 - 09:45 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
 - 09:45 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Panel Discussion

Keynote Panel Discussion: Collaboration for a Just Transition

This panel is designed to elaborate on one of the most important issues the industry can grapple with now: how do we ensure that the transition to low carbon power is just, inclusive and brings communities along for the ride.

  • Sharing the huge amounts of wealth which will be generated and providing high-value, skilled jobs
  • Enabling communities reliant on the fossil economy to benefit from the transition
  • Leaving communities with power assets that don’t devalue the environment or have a negative impact on the local flora and fauna
  • Intentionally planning for a diverse workforce

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