Green Hydrogen Collocated With Solar – Where Are We on the Path to Bankability?

October 8th is designated Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, chosen for the atomic weight of hydrogen (1.008). In support of this day, The Solar & Storage Finance Summit will look at green hydrogen, powered by solar in the US market.

This session will analyze the work we need to do as an industry to improve the bankability of green hydrogen collocated with solar as a generation source. We will hear from lenders and equity investors about their appetite for this segment of the market, explore the trends in CAPEX and look at how the industry can scale. We will also look at investment needed into the infrastructure supporting the growth of the industry and discuss how government plans to support a hydrogen industry could bolster solar+H2.

Stephen Szymanski
Vice President of Sales and Marketing - Americas
Nel Hydrogen U.S.

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