October 30, 2017 9:10 am - 9:40 am
Jai Khanna
Jason Barrett
Santosh Raiker
Peter Cross
Matt James
Rubiao Song

  •  Structures:

                         – What is the optimal structure for C&I? 

                         – What is the prevailing structure of last year deals and what are things changing for the next? 

                             If so, Why?

                         – Sponsor profile and the tax equity structure that best fits them?

  • Deal flow: are deals being postponed or hurried?
  • What is the allocation strategy: less deals with more volume and vice versa 
  • Wind vs solar: what are you basing your respective allocation on? 
  • Are non-traditional tax equity investors catering to the C&I space? If so, how? And what is their appetite and tax equity allocation?
  • Tax risk insurance best practice
  • Secondary market and the impact of different tax equity structure
  • Tax reform: perceive impact on ITC investments?