October 30, 2017 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Eric Luesebrink
Peter Coleman
Bob Goldstein
Joe Ritter
Allan Riska
Chris Hunter

With 343MW of community projects installed in 2016 and an additional 400MW predicted to go live by end of 2017 community solar represents a sizeable market segment. Many question however remain on how scalable it is and whether it is too policy dependent to attract a significant portion of investment.

• What are the most promising market and how do differ in policy structure and market depth?

• How do the two different business models (third party owned and utility-led) affect the bankability of the         projects?

• Understanding the facts of the complex relationship between utilities and community solar?

• What are the moves forward being made to Standardisation of documentation to deal with project structures?

• How does the backup subscriber model affect bankability? Pros and Cons?

• taking into consideration loss reserves for pay-as-you-go subscribers

• Who are the debt providers in this space and what are they most concerned about?